Painting Planks and Dancing to Disney

It was a big day today, and the classroom is almost completed. We arrived at the School bright and early ready to get to work straight away. Ross and Lyana jumped up on the scaffolding to complete the rest of the roof. To create the roof, they tied many grass tiles together, and overlapped them to keep them strong and sturdy.

Lyana and Ross tieing the roof together

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

While they were completeing the roof Socheatha and I started on the painting for inside the classroom. It was a long day of painting today, but we played some great tunes, and had a little dance session. Sophia came over to help a bit too.

Socheatha painting the walls with some help from Sophia.

Once the roof was finished it was about time for lunch, so we all headed over to eat and relax before getting back to work. We played some UNO and other card games and just chilled out undercover while a little bit of rain came through the village. Thankfully it ended before we headed back to work and we were all excited to get back to finishing this classroom.

We mixed some more cement, and Ross filled in the last gaps in the wall of the classroom. Socheatha and Lyana were continuing to paint all the wooden frames throughout the roof.

Lyana and Socheatha getting that painting done.

Once we had finished as much painting as we could that day, we all headed out to the playground to play with the children.

Sam, Socheatha, Sophia, Lyana and Ross after a big day working.

Once we had finished playing with the children, and the cutest baby, we all headed back to jump in the pool! Its so nice to just come and chill by the pool after a big day working!

Now it’s time to head out for dinner and some nice relaxing massages before another jam packed day tomorrow!