Painting the town Red

Just a quick update on another great day at SHCC


Eve getting her paint on

Today we finished off the digging early and then it was all about painting. We need to paint all the wood that is going to be used for the completed house.


Ronelle and Clare off to do some sanding


Alex the rugged man!


Dan, Ronelle, Sam, Amy and Dahlia still managing a smile!

As the day rolled on and the sun warmed up laughs were shred and a lot of paint was used (not all of it on the framework when Bun is around)


Bun, Saphron and Hannah.

It was so rewarding to be doing the painting after hours of heavy lifting and everyone had a great time.

At the end of the day we all went out to a night carnival which was a lot of fun.


Group shot in front of the extreme ferris wheel.

Now time for an early night we are off to Angkor Wat tomorrow morning for sunrise!

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