Pro Brickies!!

G’day dudes and dudettes, today was our first offical day in the village and we achieved sooooo much and had a great time in doing so. 

We awoke bright an early and had breakfast at 7am before jumping on tuk tuks and heading out to the village. At the village we were greeted by the amazing Chhaiky. Chhaiky is the principal of the Reach Out Volunteers Charity school where we teach and the school is in the village where we are building the current house and Chhaiky is also the wife of our amazing Cambodian boss man, Damdin. 

The house was started last week, so we have arrived to continue on with the building and hopefully have it finished by the end of the week.

We had numerous jobs throughout the day, from digging and carting clay for the foundation of the house, then adding water, rocks and sand. 

As well as chiselling away at timber to make the frame of the house, and of course mixing endless cement and laying bricks for the walls. The day was long and hard and super hot but I feel we did an incredible job 🙂 

Once we finished our building work, we headed back to the school and played all sorts of games with the kiddies, from popping balloons to playing soccer and much more. 

We arrived back in town at around 4pm and had free time through until 6:30. After dinner we had an explore, hit the markets, grabbed massages then slept after a hugeeee day. 

Catch ya tomoz,