Program kick off!

Arrival day today! All of the volunteers flew in and even with long flights and jet lag everyone was in great spirits. Volunteers that arrived early spent the day lounging by the pool, exploring, going out for lunch or just mingling with everyone! Most of the group had arrived by the afternoon so at 4pm we met downstairs in the lobby for a scavenger hunt! Each volunteer was put in a group of three and was given a map and some items to find around the city, the ‘floating umbrellas’ and ‘London bridge’ were the most difficult to track down . “Find Mike and take a selfie” proved to be harder than originally expected, as Mike had hidden himself at the back of a restaurant. Everyone created a secret handshake and learned one fun fact about everyone in their group, and then got to celebrate their newfound friendship by taking a video of one group member “sensually stroking a coconut.” Each task in the scavenger hunt was worth a certain number of points, so the group that came in last place was forced to drink a can of BIRDS NEST (yumm). Hannah, Tara and Amy guzzled it down with a grin. The winning group received an extra special prize, and Liza, Katelyn and Sara all got to eat their very own scorpion! Sara seemed to especially enjoy it, and the rest of the group got to eat the leftover claws and legs. DEEEEEEEELICIOUS. We ate dinner out at a local family owned restaurant (photo), Mike seems to have passed his love of beef Lok Lak on to the rest of the group, and everyone really enjoyed trying out the traditional Khmer food. After dinner a few volunteers walked through the night markets, and then hopped into bed early for a busy day on the project site tomorrow!IMG_1797