An afternoon Storm, yipeeee!!!


Good Morning! Today we set out early on a fleet of tuk tuks to the village and school we will be working at this week. Fortunately, we have another group of ROV volunteers joining us! Damdin, and his group of Village Immersion and Teachers will be working with us all week. This is awesome, because that brings the number of volunteers to a whopping 30, working on two different (and big) projects! When we first arrived, we received an orientation about the school and the community from Sopan, the school principal. He brought us on a lovely walk through the village and showed us the projects we would be working on thought the week.

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Damdin’s group and a few people from our group worked on a community centre for the people in the village, while most of my group started on putting up the framing of a house. This house is for a family who lost there home in a large storm here in Siem Reap about two and a half months ago. This storm ripped right through the families home, and since then, they have been living in a make shift shack next to their pig pen. Sopan heard of the conditions they were living in, without any money to rebuild, and knew right away that he had to get Reach Out Volunteers involved. We spent the day working alongside the family and local labourers who showed us how to hammer the framing together, strip the bamboo, and start the roofing!

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After lunch, we got back to work. A storm began to roll in, so we all had to take cover in the tiny shack that the family is currently living in. It was tight, but we all fit! Once the storm passed, we made out way back to the school to say goodbye to the kids. Andrea and Chloe hitched a ride back with Sopan. Just before we left, we played a game of soccer with the kids, and they schooled us!!! We’re going to have to practice a bit more haha


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Damdin blog

Village immersion and teachers blog,

It was a very hot in the morning today. After we had breakfast our accommodation we took tuk tuk to school. Teachers had to do lesson plans before they starting classes. Today in the morning one class was teaching about weathers. And other classes shapes and color. In the afternoon after lunch break they went back to their class and continue their lessons and had some time to play with kids out site the classroom. It was so happy and very fun with kids.


For the building project was so exiting with what we did so far. It was so hot in the morning but everyone still can do their works. We had different groups of people. Some of us digging, building bridge and some helped builders to nail for wall and roof top. We did all the whole morning with very humidity weather. After we had a good lunch at the school in the afternoon we came back to the project site and continuing our works. It was so nice at the end of the day with a cool rain and a storm.

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When we finished at village we went to school and played with kids and then we came back to town and getting ready for dinner. After we had a dinner some them went for shopping and some went for ice-cream and then back for sleep.


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