Rain Dance

What’s up friends?!

Remember when I said we had a very sunny and bright day yesterday, welp, it was THE complete opposite today. Before the rain hit us hard, we took a tour around the village where we had mini tour guides walk us around teaching us about their customs and day to day lives. We started working on our third day, and accomplishes more than what we had expected. Everyone is working extremely hard, and is giving it “A hundred percent”.

Tour of village

We had fried chicken for lunch, and bonded over an intense game of SPOONS. Soon after, we went back to work then BAM! The rain came pouring down on us, like no others. We took advantage of the moment and played in the rain to the beat of “Umbrella” by Rihanna.

Lunch time games

Rain Dance

I always say, you’re not a real family until you add each other on snapchat. So as of now, we are officially a Fam Bam. Let the snap games begin! Some fried scorpions were also part of our nightly activies.

Scorpion on a stick…

Gossip Girl…. JK