Rain, Rain, never go away

What a fun day it was today! We all tuk-tuked our way out to the village bright and early, and was followed by Coconut and Richard (another puppy from the village) all the way to the school. When we arrived we got to work straight away to finish the painting.

Ross painting the roof

Socheatha painting the posts

It took us a while, but was so worth it for how beautiful the classroom looks. The door even got finished and attached on too.

Before lunch was served we decided to hang up the bamboo lattices for the windows, and nail them all in to finally complete it.

Lyana helping put up the Bamboo

Lunch was served, and we had a little Khmer language class while the rain poured down, then it was back at it. We decided to start on the outside fence, because we were waiting on some more paint. It was a bit of a struggle to pull up all the giant cement block posts, but we managed to pull them all up and weed the garden so we can start on the cement and bricklaying tomorrow.

And that was when the rain really poured down, Lyana started dancing in the rain and Socheatha and she had a little play around in the mud with the children, until it slowed down so we could finish some more extra lattices for the roof of the classroom. It is almost all finished now, and we cannot wait to see it all completed!

The classroom is almost finished

Playtime with the children got a bit crazy, the rain had bucketed down and the oval had turned into a giant mud puddle so Socheatha and Lyana decided to jump and run and slide in the mud in a racing game between the children. It was crazy to watch as they all had to run up a wooden plank and slide down the slide into a giant mud puddle below before tagging the next kid in. The rain started again and everyone was splashing everyone and we were all so wet and muddy, but it was so much fun to have so many laughs with the children!

Lyana and Socheatha playing in the rain with the kids

It was then time to head home, so we got in the Tuk Tuks and headed back to the hotel where Ross, Sophia, Kate, Adam and I went for a stroll around Siem Reap to indulge in some cake before dinner. Then we all met up for a nice dinner together and headed to the Art Markets. What a fun night, exploring the streets, all the beautiful lights and music, and just a bit of souvenir shopping to top off an awesome day!

Ross, Lyana, Socheatha, Kate, Sophia and Sam outside the night markets