Rain Rain rain!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was an amazing day. Breakfast and tuk tuk to the school 🙂 🙂

In the morning before to the project site we went to see the ROV community school where is the school that supporting by Reach Out Volunteers charity. It was  a wondering to meet a principle (Chhayky). She is so lovely.

When we got to the project site most of morning everyone starting with sanding while we wait for a paint. Everyone done lots with sanding. Before lunch some of us painted and some sanding. Lunch is always so good and fresh here. After we had lunch, in the afternoon we had two different groups. A group was sanding and other painting. Kids are very handful. They came and help us with sanding and painting after they finished their class. Then we finished worked at 3pm it was raining. This was a part of a wonderful day after a two litters sweat from a heat. it was so much with kids. The played soccer with them and they are so good with this.

In the evening, after dinner we had a Khmer lesson for our team leader Papa Dom. It was every incredible time. Tomorrow it be a very early morning which most of everyone back won’t get up at 4am to see a sunrise at Angkor Wat temple. Can’t wait to see an amazing temple tomorrow. Time to say GOODNIGHT!

PApa Dom!


First class