Raise that frame!!

Good evening, everyone!
We made some huge progress today on the reading room we’re building for KIDTEA School. It was so satisfying to see the frame come together—all our work is starting to resemble a recognizable structure! It was a day full of sanding wood, hammering nails and mixing cement while jammin’ out to Domdin’s Bruno Mars music playlist.

Today was a special day because at lunchtime, Domdin shared with us his extensive knowledge of the Khmer language by teaching us some basic phrases and words. We learned how to say hello, goodbye and ask for the bill among many others. We’ll see how many of us can remember these new words tomorrow!

Tonight I saw a very adventurous side to the group as we worked our way through the local carnival’s vast selection of bizarre foods. Mitch was eating fetus duck eggs, Catherine was eating tarantula and Kevin did not hesitate to give that snake on a stick a go! Even some of the less overtly gross but still very strange fruit caught the attention of the group. Many tried jack fruit, tamarind, Lotus, and a few others whose names I can’t even pronounce! Of course the bumper cars and games are always entertaining but tonight I think the local cuisine stole the show.

Needless to say, no one was very hungry around dinner! But we sat down as a team anyways, enjoyed each other’s company and ordered some great Khmer food from a restaurant right near the lively Pub Street. After dinner we explored a new market, got frozen yogurt and a few went for a last minute massage. It was a massive day, as per usual, and the team seems happy but definitely ready for a good night’s sleep. It’s bright and early for us tomorrow—can’t believe it will already be Wednesday!

Good night ROV family and friends!