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Stand out from the crowd!

What you gain by completing one of our units is the ability to add it to your resume to make you stand out as someone who is a little different to the rest of the graduates in your year, – not only will you would have volunteered your time overseas assisting others in less fortunate circumstances but you also undertook a course of study with a focus on global perspectives. If you were to complete a Leadership Unit for example, you could present yourself as a young, intelligent graduate with experience in organising and leading teams. It gives you a competitive edge in a job interview that may also have many other graduates applying. Of course you also have to be interested in such a leadership role – there are responsibilities and organisational requirements that are required to satisfy the course of study.

Some units are program specific such as International Teaching or Marine Conservation but others such as Leadership can be completed on any Reach Out Volunteer program.

Teaching in Cambodia


Join others who have gained Academic Credit while volunteering by completing assignment work set by their faculty.

Academic Credit is awarded by your university. Take a copy of what’s involved in any one of our study units to a faculty representative and ask the question – will they grant you academic points towards your degree for the completion of the unit?

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