Reaching the finish line!


Hi everybody!

We had a very busy day today at KidTea! We are almost completely finished with our hygiene club and it’s looking amazing. Today the girls strung together the materials for the roof and put up about three quarters of it. This took a lot of time and some fun balancing on the framework! Don’t worry, all my monkeys were very safe 🙂 I’m going to try to convince them to join the Cambodian circus haha! As always So Phara’s mother made us an absolutely delicious lunch, and we got some much needed time to chill in our hammocks. We ended the day teaching in the classroom, which is always a treat. The volunteers are bonding so well with the children, it makes our work days so much easier and really reminds us every day why we’re there and how much of a difference we’re making 🙂 After we left, we went to two different markets to get some more shopping done! Everyone at home be prepared for a lot of souvenirs!! After dinner everyone turned in early because tomorrow we’re heading to Angkor Wat at sunrise! What an exciting week 🙂 I can’t believe it’s almost the end of week one. Stay tuned for some amazing photos tomorrow 🙂DSCN1607

Volunteers shown above: Renee and Anna.


Volunteers shown above: Mary and Elaine.


Volunteers shown above: Anna.


Volunteers shown above: Mary and Elaine


Volunteers shown above: Anna and Renee.


Volunteers shown above: Mary, Renee, Elaine, and Anna.

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