Teacher’s blog is from Kishiani,
Today was incredible! Pulling up to the school and seeing all the kids smiling and playing is always one of the best moments of the day. We introduced the letters N and O to the little kids who picked it up so fast that it left even more time to play in their new playground which they absolutely love! The older kids learnt how to ask and answer for things like keys and comic books which we did through an interactive game that allowed the kids to help each other and move around which was so great. And then we ended the day with the volunteers from the building site playing and goofing around with the kids which was a real highlight of the day!

Teacher in class

The building blog if from Lauren,
Wednesday started with breakfast with the group before another tuk tuk ride to the school. At the school we were greeted by smiling kids, waving enthusiastically. We resumed our work at the house, working on the rendering and constructing the roof of the house by nailing tin sheets to bamboo. Some volunteers were brave enough to use the scaffolding to get on the roof to work with the builders in nailing the roof together. Lunch was delicious and prepared by the locals in the village and after lunch we continued working on the house. In the afternoon once our work was done we spent an hour playing with the kids. Today we played soccer with the children and the energy was high. It was a great day!