Rooftop adventures

It’s official! Our reading room has a roof! Over the course of the day, we took turns climbing to the roof of our structure to fasten the straw mat-like pieces of roofing–always accompanied by a local worker assisting us. We felt like birds building a giant nest! Next on the to-do list is finish installing the hexagon-shaped tiles for the flooring and then install the walls. We should be done by Christmas!

At lunch today we arranged the Secret Santa pairings! Every volunteer, including Domdin and myself will have a person to whom they will exchange a small present on Christmas! Continuing on with the Christmas prep, we took a group trip to the local mall so we could by Santa hats and party food for the kids at the school. On Friday we will have a big party to celebrate the project completion and the holiday!

After dinner today the volunteers finally tried banana pancakes!! They’ve been so preoccupied by tarantulas and fried snake that they had completely overlook one of the most delicious Cambodian street foods! Though I give the group a lot of credit for being so adventurous with their food choices. I think everyone loved the pancakes and will surely get a few more before the program ends.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because we are leaving the hotel at a staggering 4:45 tomorrow morning —*gasp* —to see the sunrise over the gorgeous Angkor Wat temple. Hopefully coffee will be part of the equation at some point tomorrow! Night everyone!!!



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