Rooooof and waaall!!!

Hello all,
This is Lisa (teacher) blog
This morning we begun our day acknowledging the total number of students and weather! I was already super hot, however, the students insisted that it was cool 😅 (as I flick the fan on)… We are learning about recounts this week as well as paragraphs, sentences, full stops, commas and capital letters. We went over the words and defined each as a group. To help them remember we wrote the words out, made sentences and played games using the words ☺️ They did such a great job and made amazing sentences. One thing I hear everyday is “teacher can we play a game”! My answer is always “YES”!!! They play hangman, find a word, Chinese whispers, spell a word and memory! I truely believe that students need to learn in a variety of ways to aid their understanding and ability to remember new things! I can’t wait until tomorrow!! Lisa xo

Building blog,
It was an amazing work today. These powerful people were killing most of jobs today. We finished weaving roof top and bamboo walls. A group is amazing with their skillful. After two days have been working to so hard everyone know all jobs and getting better and better. And today everyone smashed most of the jobs.
After we finished work today we played soccer with kids again. It was so much fun. We can’t wait to finish the building on Friday. Tomorrow we are going to Temples and Tonle Sap in the afternoon. We can’t wait see that.

Poof weaving

Roof weaving

Teacher in the classroom

Roof weaving


Back wall

Fund with kids

Fun with kids

Best soccer team

Yeah girl

Power girls