Sad Day at the Elephant Sanctuary But Happy at The Siem Reap Town!!

Today it is the last day for us to leave from the Gentle and cute elephants and cheeky monkeys and the amazing local people in this community. It is hardly to say goodbye to what we have done for a week here. But every greeting is departure; we thought that we have changed a lot of things for this community. We do hope the local people who live in this community will keep what do they have and what we have done for them. We will bring your smiling, your sharing, and your great experiences with us.



See you Soon Kamlin and Arun Reas!
On the way back to Siem Reap for village immersion in the next week follow by the quiet because we still miss and think to the elephant sanctuary. We just spend a round two hours and half back to Siem Reap. In there, there are 18 volunteers are waiting us for walking City Tour and dinner at the Khmer Taste Restaurant. That was an surprising for us because we met a lot of awesome people which do like the volunteering job like us. Now we make more friends from all over the world. In this afternoon we had a walking city tour around in Siem Reap city. We have learned a lot of Buddhism and something new in this city.





After dinner we tried to explore Siem Reap city with some of our group to have shopping, eating more and message. That was such a great day in Siem Reap. Let say good night to all of you. Don’t forget we will have a heap of job to do at the Village tomorrow.


Good night everyone.
See you tomorrow.

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