Same same but different

Teaching blog,

Happy Wednesday! I can always count on the children to put a smile on my face at school. They are full of jokes and just plain fun to be around. In my first class today we continued learning about the different ways to use “s” at the end of words. After break we did some role play and worked on introducing others. In my second class we worked on asking “can” questions and the contraction can’t. This is hard for them, because they don’t have a lot of the “t” sound in Khmer. They have been catching on fast and are eager to learn!


Building blog,

Hello day all,

My name is Joyce, but some people call me Joyce. I thought I’d DD a little break today and take over the blog. We started off our day as usual, breakfast at the hotel and then took a tuk tuk to the village.
Our work day was ya know -same same but different. We rotated doing sanding, sawing and laying bricks. It was particularly hot today, but many water break sufficed for that.
During our lunch break we played numerous card games, I fell asleep on the table so I missed out on the mini game of soccer.  For lunch we had morning glory, beef with morning glory, rice, eggs and watermelon -‘‘twas delicious!
Guess what? We bet the kids in soccer again! GOAAALLLLL!
For dinner, we went to a what seemed like a bit fancier restaurant which was quite the pleasure. I had pumpkin soup, spring rolls and chicken satay. Mmmmmmm yum
We didn’t force Damien to eat so much chilli this time (Hi Damien’s mom!)
We ended off our night at a different market where we were able to practice our bargaining skills!
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure, and continuing the work on the house! I can truly see the progress and it’s coming along well. I’m proud of all of us.