Hello Everyone,

My name is Damdin or you could call me Papa Dom or DD are my next name 🙂 I will be a team leader for a building project and teaching program for this week. I’ve been working with ROV three years now and i am really enjoy with what i am doing now.

Today is an arrival day which team leader will spend lots of time at the airport for pick up our amazing volunteers but today i had a great time with pick them from the airport. Most of them came to the same time. I got everyone and they are save and sound. In the afternoon we went for a city walk and spent our time learn about a Buddha history and went to a Royal garden and place that Cambodian’s wedding come to pray for their good luck for their new life.

After the walk everyone came back to the hotel and getting ready for dinner. It is the first dinner in Cambodia and everyone tried Cambodian’s foods. Foods are so delicious here. After dinner everyone went home and go to bed because tomorrow will be an early morning for breakfast and getting ready for the project.

If you would to know what we did tomorrow let follow this page.

Time to say goodnight!

Papa Dom 🙂

Big family

Buddha status

Dinner time

Dinner time