School Blessings

Another day of working long and hard on the bamboo flooring of the house. We’re all becoming pros with a hammer and nails at this point. We ended up finishing the flooring by the afternoon, and moved on to hammering in the thatch siding for the house. We worked alongside the family, and some of their extended family who also came to help. The kids were very eager to show us up when we couldn’t hammer in a nail quite right!


Something very exciting also happened today. A couple of volunteers from Melbourne Australia, Beck, Rachel and Anna, recently did some fundraising prior to their trip to Cambodia. They were able to raise a whopping $1000 dollars that they graciously donated to the school! After talking with the school principal Sophean, they all decided the money would be best spent sponsoring 3 classrooms for a year. This means the volunteer teachers will now be able to earn a little bit of money for their time teaching the students. This money will also cover the cost of new materials each month for these classrooms, such as new white board markers, notebooks and pencils. Sopehan announced this incredible gift to his teachers, and they were so happy! They each went around saying a personal thank you to the three girls. It was a very touching moment that I’m sure the girls will treasure forever!


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