Soccer with the kids!

A similar day to the last two. Lots of time spent intricately thing the straw roof to the bamboo beams with pieces of wire. We got so much of it done today! It’s really coming together and looking like a house. We also built the step ladder that will be used to enter the house. This involved some chiseling and hammering, nothing were not used too after that last few days.

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During our last hour at the school, we put down the tools and played a game of soccer with the kids and the teachers. These Cambodians are competitive! We lost 3-0!!!! Haha we’ll have a re-match on Friday though, so hopefully we’ll have a win for our blog readers.

g12 g13 g14 g15 g16

After dinner we came out to see the infamous lady boy show where you can get a foot massage while you watch. And all for $3! The volunteers loved it, maybe little surprised at first, but they were all laughing and taking plenty of photos. Lady boy shows are so much fun and the performers are so charismatic and entertaining, it’s an experience that must be had while in Cambodia!

g17 g18 g19

Tomorrow we see the sunrise at Angkor Wat! Keep an eye out for some stunning photos, as the skies should be quite clear. Thank you for reading, and be sure to leave a comment on the blog if you like what you see! Volunteers really enjoy it when I pass along messages from their loved ones, so comment away! Thanks again, and see you in tomorrow’s blog!


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