Sticky Rice

Yesterday was Angkor Wat Thursday! Yes, the same Angkor Wat that is the seventh world wonder.

Between the rich history and the beautiful architecture there was so much to take in all at once. No picture could ever do it justice for how amazing it truly is. In fact, if you need some ideas for a life bucket list, (or need to start a list) we highly recommend Angkor Wat. You could probably imagine for yourself just how big the place is, so our bird call to make sure everyone was staying together through the temples was, “STICKY RICE!” The three temples that we visited were: the Bayon, Ta Prohm (also known as the Tomb Raider) and of course Angkor Wat!

Did you know that Bayon has 216 smiling faces built in it? That is because no matter where you stand, there will always be a face smiling at you.

The volunteers accepted this challenge and we decided to do a game of “Faces of ROV,” these are the results …

June 13 (1)

Since yesterday was our off work, fun day let’s play a few more games!

Can you spy the sleeping Buddha in this temple?

June 13 (2)

Saving the biggest temple for last, we stopped for lunch by the moat of Angkor Wat and had a picnic. After steamed rice with veggies, pork, chicken and fruit it was ready for the grand finale.

Angkor Wat (or as we like to call it ANGKOR WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!)

June 13 (3)

Did you know that Angkor Wat is the largest religious building in the entire world?!

It was a day of history lessons, being in awe and realizing the tiny space we as humans occupy in this world; especially compared to the temples. Although it is a tiny space, it does not mean it is any less remarkable than the things that are grander than we are. We may be small, but our hearts and dreams are mighty. Our stories of Cambodia that we will bring home, will show just that.

One last game …

How many  monkeys are in the tree?

June 13 (4)



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