Sunny Suns

Hey guys! Team SlouchyBlobs here, excited to update you with our next totally fantastic “blob” post.

After all of our hard work is finished we got to take the day off the worksite today and head over to…ANGKOR WAT! We also visited the Bayon and Ta Prohm temples.

We rolled out of bed this morning at 4am to catch the beautiful sunrise over the spires of Angkor Wat. Afterwards we sat down for our delicious breakfast of banana pancakes! We got to follow our Khmer guide inside the temple afterwards and he told us about the history of ancient Cambodia, and what the symbols in the temple meant.

We all got #blessed by some Buddhist monks, what an enlightening experience! Afterwards we went over to our next temple of the day, Bayon!

Bayon is the temple with the 4 smiling faces, and we got to take a picture “kissing” one of the smiling Buddhas.

After Bayon we went to my all time favourite temple…Ta Prohm! You may also know this as the ‘tomb raider temple.’

We were all pooped by noon and so we head back for a nice lunch in Siem Reap, where we talked about rice and it’s varying effects on our digestive systems. So yum!

After lunch a few volunteers stayed behind in the city for some free time, and everyone else went over to Tonle Sap!

Tonle Sap is a floating village, where all of the houses are built on stilts above the water. A few people showed off their synchronized swimming skills and dove in the lake off the top of the boat. We finished the day watching the sun set over the lake.

Sunrise on Angkor, sunset over Tonle Sap <3

We got back just in time for dinner and sat down for some delicious Khmer Cuisine! It was a long day today so everyone continued shopping and crafting their secret Santa gifts, then jumped into bed.

Christmas Eve tomorrow, can’t wait!!

-Team SlouchyBlobs