Sva Kum ka Mouk Dol Kampuchea! Welcome to Cambodia!

Sva Kum ka Mouk Dol Kampuchea! Welcome to Cambodia!

That is such a great day for me to meet and take awesome volunteers from Canada. It is not too much busy for me today, because 4 of them have been in Siem Reap for three days and they can find the hotel easily. I have waited for them in the lobby of hotel and they made me surprise when they appear in front of me: Hello ( Sua Sdei) Ellen, Chloe, Michaela, and Patrick.

After they check in the hotel they told me that they are staving now and then I took them to have lunch in our door. We order the lunch and wait for our dishes; Some of us got lunch but for me (Bun) check the time. Oh! My Buddha! It is 1: 00 pm, So it is on time to say Hello ( Sua Sdei) to Catherine at the airport. Now I can say Sua Sdei to most of my awesome guys.




At 4: 30 pm we explore the lives in the city. In there we go to a small Buddhist Temple where a hundred of local people go there for blessing and wishing for good luck, safe, healthy, freedom … for themselves, their families, friends and their countries. There we have wished to get all these stuffs and we also got the blessing from the Buddhist monks.




On the way to the biggest Buddhist Temple the central city of Siem Reap.

After leave for that amazing temple we across the Siem Reap River and we see the biggest Water Wheel inside the river.


We just walk through the Art Night Market, but all the girls asked me that can we do shopping today? I said that “you will have two weeks for shopping in this city”. Sorry that I told you that, but I know that all of you do like shopping….hahha



Catherine, Ellen, Michaela, Chloe and Patrick make friends with “I Love Cambodia” Girls
on the wooden bridge cross from the Art Night Market.
After that one girl told me that “Bun” I am staving now; I said what you just had late lunch today and she told me that “BUN” You will learn about me in two weeks. I said Oh, My Buddha. Then we walk through to have dinner at the Angkor Famous where we have free pop Corn.

After dinner we walk back to our accommodation and Catherine called and asked me that “Why is it too much different between daytime and night? In the Night it is looks like the New York City, the light is everywhere! I don’t know what can I say now about this city?
But we still keep our walking straight to the hotel, because we need to keep our power for tomorrow morning at the Rural Village. Good Night Everyone in the hotel. See you tomorrow!


Now I am waiting for our youngest daughter in our family at the Siem Reap Airport. I can’t wait to see you “Jenice”!