Tarantula Girl

Live from our first day of work, and I am incredibly impressed with the hard work these volunteers have put in their first day! The day started a bit early, but they all had positive and enthusiastic attitudes going into this. Once we arrived at the school where we will be building a kindergarten, the volunteers had the opportunity to begin their positive impact. We accomplished much more than intended, due to their hard work and thrive!

Volunteers on their first day of building the kindergarten!

We learned about rice, and all the time and effort it takes to grow a single grain of rice. Once we had a productive day building, we played soccer against the kids. What we did not realize going into this soccer match, was that we would lose big time against the local kids. The score ended up being Kids:10, Volunteers: 0…

After a long day, we relaxed and walked through the popular Pub Street, where we had a courageous young lady eat an entire tarantula (no worries, the tarantula was not alive). We ate the typical rolled ice cream and banana pancakes, as we celebrated two birthdays! First Birthday shout out goes to Elyse, our Tarantula Girl, and our second birthday shout out goes to the kind and lovely Stephanie!

Birthday Girl Stephanie

Pub Street Crew

Birthday Girl Elyse

As for now, we go to bed a bit exhausted, but very happy!

With kindest regards,