Teaching Program Blog

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Day 3 began with another tuk tuk ride to the school. Every day we are greeted by all the smiling and happy faces of the children. Today we all taught for the full day. Bekkie taught the five words: fill up, call, suggest, play, and must. Taylor taught numbers 1 to 5, which she can speak fluently in English and Kamer, and the meaning of the word change. While I (Maddy) taught the differences between past and present tense of words such as call, need, and show, and marked the children’s homework. After our classes we also taught a lesson to the school teachers answering any of their English questions. Many questions were asked today, one of those being the different between the letter c sounds. If the letter c is followed by the letters: e, I, or y it has a ‘sss’ sound. If the letter c is followed by any other letter is has a ‘kkk’ sound. Each day we are learning so much about ourselves, Cambodia, their language, and the future teachers within us.