This for Team ‘Stoke Level Ten’… you know who you are

WOOOOOWWWIEEEE we are back here in Siem Reap and there are so many things happening we can’t even stand it!

For those of you who don’t know me… Im Kenzie (aka Mack Attack) and I am the fearless leader of the stoke level ten group! I will be posting in this blog this week considering we are back in business in the Village!

Today was quite the adventure.. per usual, with some Cambodian water falls, massages, crepes and one heck of an acrobatic circus!!

Today the group ventured off the beaten path (or road) to Kulen Mountain… yes, it does live up to it’s name because boy oh boy it is one Cool-on mountain (couldn’t resist mate)!!!! We explored the beautiful attraction, took a dip in the most magnificent looking natural pool in the world while also getting a free fish massage!

This afternoon we headed back to the city for a late lunch just so we could have street nUtella crepes for dinner… I also¬†discovered that I pronounce nUtella ‘really weird’.

Tonight we ventured to the local acrobatic circus where we all discovered a deep appreciation for art.. and with this I am not being sarcastic. This was a FANTASTIC show with a beautiful story line, lots of costume changes and tons of flips, tricks and bending I know none of us could do. We love supporting this business because they support free art education for local kids as well as donate tons of time and money to community development!

We are SO SO SOOOOO pumped to get back to work tomorrow and to be back in the business of city life!

That’s all for now folks!

Have a wonderful night

Mack Attack


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