Temple tour

Hi everyone! Today is our holiday from the project side, we got up in very early in the morning at 4am, then we left the hotel at 4:30am to buy tickets then we directly went to see sunrise at the Angkor Wat! It was an amazing sunrise and everybody loved it so much. Then we had breakfast at the temple near the north point of the Angkor Wat, we had pancakes.

We don’t waste the time, running into the temple to see the carvings and learning about the Angkor history, lots of photos were taken. When we had finished the visit we had a monk bless the bracelets, they will get more good luck, health, and success and what they wish 🙂

After we had finished visiting Angkor Wat we went to Angkor Tom. It is a big city with a lot of temples inside. We saw the main one call Bayon temple meaning is smiling face of Buddha did the photo of kissing face with the Buddha face. After this we went to go to the last main temple called To prom, an amazing temple with big trees on it, a lot of roots cover the roof of the temple which looks amazing. Some of our volunteers didn’t want to leave.

In the afternoon, after lunch some of the volunteers visited the floating villages by boat. There are floating houses, a school, a restaurant. There are crocodiles and it was a little windy but the air is so good!

A great day! Good night 🙂