Temples, Boats and ladyboys!

Early wake up for Angkor Wat today. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 4am with smiles already plastered on our faces. Today, we were going to see the long awaited Angkor sunrise. Aaaaaaaahhhh.
We arrived at the temple just as the sun was peaking over the spires. We crowded around with iPhone cameras and selfie sticks to see who could get the best possible shot. After we saw the long awaited sunrise we sat down at a restaurant nearby and had the most delicious banana pancakes EVER for lunch.
We followed our guide inside Angkor Wat and got to see the splendours of the ancient Khmer civilization. Absolutely beautiful. At the end of our exploration through the temple we all sat down and got blessed by monks, and each of us received a small blessed bracelet to remember our time here.
We were absolutely spoiled today, after Angkor we got to see both the Bayon AND the Ta Prohm temples. A big favourite amongst volunteers was Ta Prohm, we got to experience what Angelina Jolie must have felt like while filming tomb raider!
After a long hot morning, we wiped the sweat off our brows and hopped back in the bus to return to the city for lunch. Some of the volunteers opted for free time to explore Siem Reap, while other chose to visit the incredible Tonle Sap!
Tonle sap, aka the “floating village” is a fishing village, where a collection of houses and small shacks have been built on stilts to sit above the water. It was AMAZING. The jungle above the water grows in odd shapes and looks like dinosaurs poking their heads out of the lake. We took small fishing boats out to a larger boat that drove us all around the village. We got to eat at a floating restaurant!
After Tonle Sap we returned to the city for dinner, and then went to the long awaited Ladyboy show. The dances were wonderful and we got to relax and watch the performance while getting a foot massage! Tomorrow will be our last day building the project before heading to the elephant sanctuary!blessed butt ugly-pics