Temples day

Today, we woke up at the crack of dawn to take a bus to visit the infamous Angkor Wat and see it’s unbeatable sunrise! Unfortunately the clouds hid the sun away as it rose this morning, but the view was still awesome. Our tour guide, Bow, knew so much about the temple and we found out so many interesting things about it’s history! Many pictures later, we visited two more ancient temples. They’re called Bayon temple (is 4 Buddha faces) and the other is called Taprom temple and known to lots of people as Tomb Raider was filmed there with Angelina Jolie. These also had us all in awe with their stories and their amazing structure! After we visited the temples, we headed back for lunch. The afternoon brought us an adventure to Tonle Sap, a village floating on the water. It was so fun to ride on the boat and experience all of it. We got to see a lot of crocodiles and the weather was not too hot either! Overall it was another wonderful day, here in Siem Reap!

Jordan Lloyd

Angkor Wat temple

At Agnkor Wat temple

Bayon Temple

Taprom Temple

Tonle Sap lake

At the floating village

Floating houses