The Ankor Temples!

Today was a well earned rest for the volunteers. A day to learn about the rich and deep history of the Cambodian people. We all got up early to see the magnificent sunrise at arguably the most famous of the temples, Ankor Wat. You can see in the photo how spectacular the view is, it never fails to move me watching these nine hundred year old temples become slowly illuminated by the spectacular sunrise.



We continued the tour by visiting two other major temples. Te Prohm, the same temple that Lara Croft, Tomb Raider was filmed at. It is the only temple that remains as it was found, overgrown with the jungle so that we have an idea of what the temples were like when they were first found.

DSC_0096 DSC_0106

The final temple we visited was Bayon at the centre of Ankor Thom. It originally has over two hundred faces of Buddha, now it’s down to a little over forty, however they still give a glimpse at how majestic these temples must have been in their heyday.DSC_0112

It is always a humbling and eye opening experience!

It was then free time until the evening where we took the volunteers to the local Cambodian Carnival. We all got inside the bumper cars and drove wildly trying to hit each other but laughing the whole time. We then experimented with the street food and local games before heading back to Siem Reap for a delicious dinner and an early night so we’re ready for the final day out at the school tomorrow!



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