The first day at KID TEA

Today we got up at a very early hour with many of the volunteers feeling a little worse for wear after trying to adjust to the jet lag and heat of Cambodia.

I took them through the basics of what they need to know about Cambodia (Or at least tried to, I managed to lose my voice over the weekend which makes talking to the volunteers, interesting at times!) while they were served breakfast.



We then split into two groups.

I took the smaller group to KID TEA, one of the very few free schools that teach English in the area. The school is of a very high quality but the living conditions of some of the students needs improvement, so that’s our project this week.

We’re building a toilet for the orphanage that is located just across the road from the school. It’s a place where the orphans try to look after each other but without the help of outside support they struggle.

The downside of the early part of these projects is they involve a lot of digging!


Then mixing cement.


Laying of Bricks.



And at the end of the day,  we had an amazing dinner at one of the local restaurants before I took them on a tour of the night markets. Many of them quickly declined coming back with me to the hotel in favour of shopping and I’m guessing I’ll see a lot of different types of clothing in the morning!


At BFOK the other school that was headed up by our Cambodian Team Leader Domdin:

It was the first day at the school (village immersion and teachers). Teachers and village immersion programs had breakfast at our accommodation we took tuk tuk to the school.

In the morning we had an orientation from Sophean (principle of BFOK) about his school and village. We went to see booms whole in the village were drop by Cambodia war. And then we went to taste Cambodian rice wine. It was very strong wine. After we had an orientation from Sophean teachers went to the classrooms and village immersion moved woods to the project side. It was so funny for weather today. When we had lunch at the school it was raining then everyone hided from the rain.

After we had lunch at school we went to the project side we spited to different groups of people. One group was sanding wood which is very hard work. One group was cleaning bamboo sticks and the last group was working with builders for sawing and chiseling. It was raining again and everyone went to hide from the rain and then come back after rain. It was raining but we still done a lot. After that we played soccer with kids at the school. It was so much fun with them. Teachers they have their own class.

Today we started to introduce ourselves and getting to know student and we also had some lesson about the body path and color. We can’t wait until tomorrow to meet them again. We went back to town and then had a dinner all together. After that we went to night market for shopping a little bit. Good night

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