The first day at school!

Hello all my lovely people. It is the first day at school today. After we had a first breakfast at the hotel and them we take Tuk Tuk to a school. We met Sophara (a principle of the school). We had an orientation from him about his school and projects in his school and community.
And then we spited to three different groups. Group number one, sending wood for tables in classroom. Group number two, taking old wall and the last group moving level of dirt and put more sand for tilling floor in front of classroom. After everyone work very hard for their first morning and them we had a few water break and then we swopped our groups around.
We had lunch at a school. It was a good foods and fresh food in the village. It’s very good foods. After we had a good lunch everyone was playing a game (two truths and a lie) but change this game to two lies and a truth. It was very fun. Everyone shared their stories. After we played this game Rachel told us about her funny story from her volunteers last time.
At 1 o’clock we back to work again with the same things from this morning. Groups were sanding, walling and tilling floor. They worked very hard and also they have done a lot for their first day. After that at three we finished our works and some of them went to classroom and played with student in the class.







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