The Hard Day of Us at the Community!!!

Arun Sua Sdei Everyone (Good Morning Everyone)
Today we are going to work hard in the construction Site and also the community. We had the breakfast in same time and then we took the Special Tuk Tuk to the village where we will work for. When we arrive the village we divided into two group one in the village in order to teach English, Dancing, playing sport, and work with the students here to clean house, gardening and so on. That is hardest group because we need to teach the students how to play, to clean, to teach and how to dance, but sometimes these activities are taught by these local people.hahahaha..


The other group need to be a construction works at the building site. Event it was a bit hard job for us because we rarely do it at home. But we have decided to make something change so never mind for us. We are ready for work. Don’t worry everyone; we will be the best builders in a week or two weeks here. Digging, cementing, caring dirt and pulling the stuck truck are our jobs today.





After our work hard there, at three o’clock we head back from the construction site to the school and then we play basketball, dancing khmer music, painting and drawing and practice our English with the students here. After that we had a khmer lesson with Mr. Bun it so amazing to learn Khmer Language and we can speak a lot of khmer words and sentences like Sua Sdei, Akun Tom Tom, Men Ey Te …… To be Continue…



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