The Puppy

Good evening ROV-ians! (just made up that term right now)

Two hours of driving through scenic landscape and bumpy mountain paths and we found ourselves at a beautiful waterfall! To spend the day at this waterfall was the unanimous choice of the volunteers, so at 9 am Saturday morning we began our excursion. The first stop was to check out the giant laying Buddha statue. Something quite remarkable happened at this site! The group spotted an infant puppy with a woman selling food on the side of the path. The pup was not being well cared-for and immediately pulled at the heartstrings of the group—they wanted to adopt the puppy so we could bring him to the Wildlife Sanctuary this week. The woman sold us the puppy for only five dollars along with his milk bottle. Everyone was curious as to why he was away from his mother as an infant!

We noticed the pup on the way to the statue but didn’t adopt him until we were on our way out. Needless to say, the puppy overshadowed the rest of what we saw at that site and was all the group could talk about! Do or don’t we take him? What will we do with him if we can’t give him to the Elephant Nature Park? How do we get him food? These were all questions that were bouncing around our minds as we walked around. On our way out we finally decided that just getting him out of that setting was most important so we left with our new friend and headed to the waterfall.

At the waterfall a woman working there spotted us and exclaimed, “That’s my puppy!” Apparently that was the owner of the pup’s mother. She didn’t say much else so we sat down at our picnic area and proceeded to enjoy the beautiful day. Domdin watched the pup whenever we left the area to go into the water or explore. The water was chilly but refreshing and the waterfall was huge! We could only swim because of the intense mist. We took so many videos and pictures of us swimming and sitting on the rocks. There were these tiny fish that were nibbling at our toes which was a bit startling, but that was our only complaint. J

On our way out, the woman who had shouted to us earlier stopped us and explained how she owned the puppy’s mother and could reunite them, and that we had encountered the puppy a mile away because a little girl had stolen it for herself. We gave our new friend back to his real family and left the waterfall, happy to have at least helped reunite them.

Everyone was so exhausted the rest of the evening. We had dinner at Karo restaurant and then got some gelato from our favorite gelato place—Gelato Lab. Some got massages later on while several then called it night. What a huge past couple of days!

Check back at the Christmas post to see pictures! I’ll also be adding a few new ones to the Angkor Wat post as well! Posts from here on out will be in the “Village and Elephant” blog because now we are on the elephant sanctuary!

Good night everyone!



Domdin fell asleep on the bus so we had to draw on him.

Here’s the little guy we found.12434632_10156439717220232_209850493_nAfter seeing the laying Buddha. Thumbs up from Kevin!


Rice and sugar–an awesome combo!


Sitting in our picnic area, waiting for lunch.


Trying to take a picture of the falls.





Me, Domdin and Kevin about to surprise the kids.



Me and Catherine 🙂


Making tables!