The unstoppable force!

In the morning we finished the final brick laying and rendering of the fence. All the hard work for the fence had been completed! We were now starting the final part of the process, setting the wires around the higher parts of the fence all around the perimeter.

Now with the fence almost completed we were able to focus on the garden and grass area for the children to have a great environment to play and learn on. This included completely clearing an area of shrubs and bushes and a very stubborn tree. It took the combined effort of five of the volunteers to get the tree out. Once it was clear we had the pleasure of moving dirt. Oh how there was a lot of dirt to move but we are almost there! The two land fills we needed to get flat before we could plant the grass are almost done and we managed to set some of the bricks that will service as the barrier for the gardens. Everything is all set for us to completely finish this project by Friday.

Then tonight they had a few hours of free time where half of them retreated to the pool to cool off and then we went to a Ankor Famous for dinner. Here the volunteers met Linda, a thirteen year old Cambodian girl who has flawless english, a sassy attitude and a lot of bracelets that she makes herself to sell so she can fund her way through school. She is also the undefeated champion of rock paper scissors. She defeated every one of the volunteers that challenged her.

We then went to a ladyboy show. The volunteers received massages in comfortable chairs while watching a bunch of Cambodian men dress up in drag and mime their way, quite convincingly, through classic and current popular songs. It is always an interesting but entertaining event.

Now we’re all heading to bed to get up and see the legendary Ankor Wat at sunrise tomorrow but before I finish this post I feel like I need to mention this about the volunteers.

The Volunteers from last week set a cracking pace with the amount of work they managed to get done on the school. The volunteers from this week refused to be outdone! They’ve matched everything we achieved last week and then some. The two groups completed work we had set aside for a whole month inside of ten days, it was a phenomenal effort! It was so much that the team leaders Rachael, Domdin and I (Stew) had to sit down with the Principal So Phara and figure out what projects the volunteers were going to do next week as we never expected the volunteers to get so much done so quickly! So well done to all the volunteers that worked with us and if you’re following your friends or loved ones on this blog then you should be proud of them because they stepped up to the challenge and gone above and beyond with their results.


Volunteers from left to right – Gabby, Riley, Sam, Courtney and Zac


The Cambodian children got involved!


A massive effort digging this tree out by the roots but big props to the team – Jade, Zac, Domain, Amy and Lexi.


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