The volunteers hit their stride!

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Teacher blog today is written by one of them (Leah)

Day 4, and noodles again for breakfast (breakfast of champions) before we catch our Tuk-Tuks to the school. As soon as we get to the school we head into the teachers room for some quick lesson planning with our Khmer teachers ; Jean has class A, Amanda and I have class B, Becky has class C and Hayley has class D. For our morning class Amanda and I taught some opposites and reviewed our work from the previous day (objects). Jean went over shapes, colours and the alphabet to improve the kids pronunciation and Becky did some shapes and sizes with her kids. Hayley has two classes in the morning, for her first class she taught ABC’s and colours, and for the second class she was working on using words in context and teaching sentences and questions, she is even going to be giving a test on these soon! After our morning classes the teachers help the principals wife to prepare our lunch which we eat altogether under the tree at the back of the school before we have a rest in the shade. In the afternoon Jean taught the same lesson to her second class, as did Becky and Hayley. Amanda and I swapped however to reviewing all the weeks work with our afternoon class. By break time it was very hot as it hadn’t rained today and everyone was very tired so instead of going back in after break we all played some games. =D
Some kids wanted to play soccer, some kids stayed in a class to do some drawing with Amanda, some learnt Duck-Duck Goose with Becky and a few learnt hopscotch with me. Then they taught us some games! Jean and Becky tried the Cambodian version of jump rope (very different to ours, jumping over an elastic at head height!). Whilst I was taught a new version of hopscotch, and almost won, but was beaten by the champion. Then the other volunteers drifted back and did some dancing with the kids and played some other games before we all headed off back to our accommodation on our Tuk-Tuk to have a rest before dinner. All in all a very busy and trying day, but very exciting and tonnes of fun! =DDSC02365

Playing game with kids

Playing game with kids

Village immersion

It was a new day out at the different villages. We have been there a few days now and the volunteers are becoming much more comfortable in their roles, jumping in with a confidence in their new found abilities that they didn’t have a few days before.

The tasks remained the same, at BFOK it was all preparation for the community centre, tedious but extremely necessary work. They did however manage to finish the cleaning of the bamboo, wahoo volunteers! They then got a bit of down time with the children playing and laughing with them to conclude the day.






While those of us at KID TEA really got stuck into the finishing of this toilet for the orphans. We laid brick and dug the hole for the water reservoir. It was back breaking work and we almost managed to complete both tasks today so that on Friday we can finish it off with a rendering, a roof and a toilet to present to the Orphanage attached to the school.

DSC_0939 DSC_0918 DSC_0905

In the evening we split off into an early dinner, because we’re getting up at sunrise (4:30 am) to go and see the sun rise at the legendary Ankor Wat Temples!


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