The whole crew is in town!

Wow! What a busy day.

This morning the volunteers who arrived yesterday started their day off with a wild and wonderful noodle breakfast and topped it off with iced coffee and a banana split. Only in Cambodia 😉


(L-R) Tom, Thom (cafe owner), Jordan, Beth and Merinda enjoy morning ice cream!

While they went to explore the city a bit more I headed back to the airport to pick up more volunteers. Mikayla (USA), Stephanie (USA), Larry (Canada), Madison (Canada), Amruta (India) and Edward (Canada). After settling in and getting lunch those who had arrived spent their day at the beautiful Kompong Phluk floating villages. These villages sit in the middle of a very large lake called Tonle Sap. Since Cambodia is in the middle of the dry season these houses sit meters above the water. The locals use ladders to get down to their canoes to travel from house to house. It is so incredible to see.

Day 3 Arrival

Day 3 Arrival2

While the group was at the floating villages three more volunteers arrived: Sam, Vivian and Taylor (all from USA). Once all back together we went to grab dinner where we were able to see our dear puppy friend Mulan again! A few headed to bed after dinner to rest up for the big day tomorrow, while others tried the famous Blue Pumpkin ice cream. SO GOOD!

After a few plane delays the last group of volunteers made their arrival! Jocelyn (Canada), Deanna (Canada), Lakshmikanth (Canada), Mandy (USA), Stefanie (USA), Jill (USA) and Sophia (USA). I met them at the airport and they quickly settled into bed.

Day 3 Arrival1

Taylor arrives!



Day 3 Arrival4

(L-R) Sophia, Jill, Mandy and Stefanie


The last arrivals bringing the biggest smiles!! (L-R) Lakshmikanth, Jocelyne, Deanna


Tomorrow is a HUGE day as we will be heading out to the village and see the school for the first time!!!! We will begin our day with an orientation of the village and then get right into BUILDING!! We can’t wait 🙂

See you tomorrow!