Thursday Temples and Lakes!

Today has been amazing!

Our team split into two (as last week half of them had already visited the temples) so that one team went to Angkor Wat and the other to West Baray Lake! It was a phenomenal day for both parties.

The Angkor Wat group went to the three main and majestic temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm – not to mention all of the jungle trekking to find some of the more secluded ones hidden away from tourists! It was a warm day, but the shade made a huge difference. We can’t wait to share all of our photos when we get home!

The other group rented bicycles and rode out to the lake. The lake is one of the deepest man made lakes in the world and was created during the Angkor period. They floated on tubes, rested on hammocks and tried the local cuisine. It was certainly an experience and a half, as it’s a very Cambodian place to visit, we felt honoured to spend time there. Many Cambodians take their ‘sweet hearts’ there for afternoon picnics as it’s a beautiful location to visit!

We’re all pretty tuckered out as it’s been an adventurous day for all involved but tomorrow we’re looking forward to the final day on the project. We’ll all be working hard to complete the house, so walls, floors, and general surrounds will be finished on or before 5… we hope!

In the evening we’ll be part of a blessing by the local monks once the house is finished, and then we’re off to the school for a dance party!

Rachel, Azim Monique, Bun, Amy, Samantha, and Lauren all pose at the Tomb Raider temple!10382816_763152470445338_5298216301996830809_n
Rachel gets blessed by a monk during the day!10432536_763152400445345_4780166245503501368_n
Azim, Richard, Amy, Lauren, Monique, Rachel, Samantha and Bun find another tree that grows around the temple – amazing!10568797_763152230445362_6459151885137998123_n
Bun, Lauren, Richard, Azim, Monique, Amy, Rachel, and Samantha selfie in a temple!10393993_10153454321338902_52396400563296687_n
Lunch at the school!IMG_1537
Samantha, Beth, Polly, Anthony, Lisa, Esther, Sam all chill out on a hammock in front of the lake!

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