It’s time to get the (ice cream) rolling!


We are more than excited to say that everyone is here ready to get started on working on the projects!!! We had early arrivals, some delays, but all smiles. I get the feeling that we are going to bond super-fast, and become a family! We have many Australians, who are a ball of energy, a couple of lovely Canadians, and me, the lonesome American. Throughout the day, we had pick-ups at the airport, in the during the day many volunteers relaxed in the swimming pool. Some began exploring the city and the night markets, and we came together for an incredible dinner!

Pool time with new friends!


Scoping new areas with Team Leader Rameth

Winner winner, Lok Lak dinner

After dinner, some of kept exploring the night markets, and it was here where I realized that these volunteers are exceptional barterers! I have never seen so many volunteers barter for happy pants. Once they got awesome deals on their shopping, they rewarded themselves with rolled ice cream! These bright personalities are ready to wake up early, and start making a difference here in Cambodia!

Bartering at night markets

Rolled ice cream

With Kindest regards,