Time to say Goodbye

Apologies for the lateness of this goodbye. Let’s blame it on my being a New Zealander!

I am filled with mixed emotions writing this right now, so happy with all the great work we were able to accomplish, the incredible people we met both in the group and communities but so very sad to have to say goodbye to everyone.

The day started off bright and early at the School.

The Final Morning Group Shot

We got stuck in straight away to all our jobs, painting the frame work, sawing and working in groups with the amazing kids



Ale, Butler and Rachel working hard

After a hard mornings work it was time for another fantastic lunch, our last to be had out at the Village. Cooking and chatting with the High School kids is so rewarding and I think we will all miss it dearly.

After lunch it was time to put up the frame for the house to be finished next week. It was such a proud moment to see all our hard work realised.


Once the frame went up it was time for Celebrations.

Talking, dancing, painting and singing with the kids of the School. The most emotional part of the night for me was as we all held hands and sang “Imagine-John Lennon” together (Sambath’s favourite song and the message he tries to pass on to the children)

We were then served a fabulous dinner while watching traditional Khmer dancing and then all presented with a thankyou gift and a chance to share our experiences.

Eventually it all had to come to an end, we said goodbye to the Village with many tears flowing both happy and sad. All knowing that forever we will be a part of the community.

As we had our final breakfast together on Saturday morning again the tears flowed as we said goodbye to each other, it delft like we had become one giant family over the two weeks and it’s going to be tough not seeing everyone each day.

I truly hope this experience stays with all of you forever, I know it surely will for me.

Thanks to all who have followed the blog and kept up with our experience.

Much Love


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