Time to temple!!

The sound of annoying alarms filled the guesthouse this morning at 4am to wake all of us heavy sleepers up to get to the temples. Sunrise was calling our names, and we had to see it! Oh boy was it worth it, too! We arrive while it was still dark and walked to the lake where the sun is at a perfect view behind the big Angkor Wat temple. As the sky began to light up, the colors went wild and we saw pink, orange and purple paint the sky behind the structure. It was an incredible sight to see, and were so happy that we got up to make the journey. Even though it was early, we got to see a spectacular view that is once in a lifetime. DSC06408DSC06411

After the sky was awake, we felt a rush of more energy and set off to explore the temple inside as well as two of the other most well-known temples. We had a great tour guide who told us some history about the temples and took us around all day. We went to the Bayon temple and Ta Prom temple and they loved each one. They are all so different, unique and beautiful in their own way. They were very impressed with the construction, carvings and history behind the temples, and we all had a great time! DSC06414DSC06415DSC06417DSC06422DSC06424

After lunch, we were in need of a nap, so we had a free afternoon to rest and rejuvenate for the evening activities. Those who didn’t go to the temple today had a free day too. Some relaxed and shopped or slept and swam. The teachers went for a half day of teaching, while some of the village immersion people went to the floating villages. They took a boat out to a village that is actually floating on water. They live in houses that are built on massive stilts or have floating mechanisms underneath them. It’s pretty darn cool to see and they enjoyed their trip a lot. 10846861_10205162098065722_1901297542_n10937856_10205162096545684_1357057601_n

Tonight we went over to a popular local spot nearby. The carnival! It is just a few blocks of street shops and street food with some rides and carnival games. We walked around it and tried some coconut sweet rice and then played some darts. The main hit was the bumper cars, though. Even though we’re all adults, getting in bumper cars somehow lets out the 5-yr old in us all. What a hoot and a half that was! It was a busy, packed-full, fantastic day! Woo!