Tuesday Tough Day!

Hi all back home!

Whether you’re hailing from America, Canada, Malaysia, Australia or any other country experiencing extreme temperatures, we are too! It’s been tough working in the sun, but it hasn’t slowed us, if anything, we’ve been more determined to beat the heat to stay on time with project!

This morning we split into three groups. The first team took a load of wooden planks to be carved, the second group sanded and painted the wall panels (there are a lotttt of them!) and the third group helped to pass the roof tiles up the two storey house where they were cemented to the roof!

It has been so busy that the time has flown by, but we’re having a wild time and our end goal (to finish by Friday) is still very much in sight!

It’s been fabulous working in a team, we’ve all come here to share the common goal – and that is to help a family in need. We’ve been touched by the amount of effort that the village has contributed to helping us on project. We’ve made friendships with a lot of people and although there is a language barrier it’s wonderful to be able to share the same feeling of helping others.

Once we finished work today, we all headed back to down town Siem Reap where we all had a swim. This evening we were privy to a language class where we learnt the basics of the Khmer (KM-EH) language – SOO SOO DEI! (Hello!)

Tomorrow we look forward to getting stuck into it again, hopefully but the time the photos come tomorrow evening there will be some incredible progress!

1 more day until Angkor Wat – Eeeeeeee!!!

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Amy, Lisa, and Rach painting the planks!
Polly, Rich and Sam painting the freshly sanded floor boards!IMG_1460
Monique, Esther and Lauren sanding the beams!IMG_1461
Samantha, Beth, Lauren and Sydney!IMG_1465
Amy and Lauren – cute sisters!IMG_1466
Boys being boys! – Azim, Anthony, Richard and Sam!IMG_1471
Making progress!IMG_1474
A view from above! Almost finished painting the wall panels at this point! – Lisa, Esther, Sydney, Samantha, Sam, Azim, Lauren, Monique, Polly and Amy!IMG_1476
Beth and Rach mixing some cement for the roof!IMG_1477
An up to date photo of the house in progress thus far!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures – wish you were here!

Love ROV and Cambodia!

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