Village Life!

After yesterday’s adventure at the temples we are back at the village to continue work! In the morning we split up into 2 groups; one to build desk for the school kids and one to teach the kids english. Building desks and tables from scratch is more labor intensive than we had anticipated. This is definitely not Ikea!

image image image image

On the teaching front the gang brought out the all of their games. Chelsea made some up on the fly including frog walk racing. Limbo was also on the list. todays lessons focused on colors and conversation. Pretty soon these kids are going to be fluent!


In the late afternoon we planned on having a soccer game but plans change. After one impromptu dance off the school erupted into a dance party with the girls at its center!

image image image

In the evening we went to Route 60 which houses a local carnival featuring bumper cars and a roller coaster. Nick was a pro when it came to the carni games and ended up winning about 6 beers and a teddy bear in prizes (beverages are the main reward in these parts)!

image image image

Tomorrow is our last day in the village and we are going to make the most of it!


Good night,

John Rouse