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Today was the last day at the village before the 2 week village immersion group took the weekend off and the 2 week village and elephant crew headed to the sanctuary. It was the last full day in Cambodia for one – my dearest Danika 🙁

Team leaders switched and I headed to the work site with the village and elephant crew and Domdin went with village immersion. As soon as we got to the work site we hopped right into carrying sand to continue to level the foundation. They carried dirt previously to raise the foundation but the sand will now allow it to have a smooth, yet compacted, surface before we start laying tile. Mid way through the morning we took a break then split into two groups — one continued to carry sand, the other started to level. At 11:00am we were officially done with carrying and leveling!

We broke for lunch which consisted of egg and onion, fish soup, veggies and savory watermelon. We spent the rest of break laughing and giggling through the card game Spoons (or “tongues” as thats what we used instead).

Well rested we headed back into the heat to start laying tile. We had a nice long assembly line going complete with sing alongs ranging from “Old McDonald” to “Wannabe” by Spice girls. Our spirits were high as we got to start laying the tile and seeing it take shape before we had to head to for the day. These guys can leave knowing they built the physically hardest, and most important, part of the house — ya’ll rock 🙂

After we got back to town we washed up and brought in the weekend by stopping by Route 66 orrrr the Cambodian Carnival! Bumper cars, spiny rides, roller coasters and my personal favorite — balloon darts (because you can win oreos hehe) After our stomachs were jostled up a bit we headed back to town to settle them with dinner. We ended the evening celebrating Danika’s last night. Tomorrow is a rest day for most and Sunday one crew heads to the elephant sanctuary.









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Steal my camera = I post your selfies 😉

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Domdin’s village immersion blog:

Today is like the same every day. We had breakfast in the morning at 7 am and then we were on the tuk tuk to the village. My two week immersion group had a goal to finish the school frame standing up. We had spited to three groups in the morning. The first group painted the woods and moved to the place where will the school will be on. The second group helped builders with sawing and nailing and the third group separated sand from rubbish. After over one hours we swopped our groups around.

When we finished lunch break with a good foods, like fish soup and lots of vegetables. Everyone spited to two groups and one group do more painting other group sawing and nailing frame for ready to put it stand up. After an hour nailing and sawing had finished, all of builders come to the place and helped each other to make the frame standing up. Before we made the frame up, the local Khmer builder got a banana tree and sugarcane plant to tie it up on the pull. This is one of Khmer culture when they build house or buildings, they have to put these plants on the pull. They believe this will bring the happiness to family and earn lots of money as plant growing. And then everyone worked as a unity to put frame up. We were so excited to finished frame up and the building is standing now.

Next week will have lots of work to do and also it will be hard work either 😉

Have a great weekend!

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Jess and Nick Teacher Update:

Yesterday morning Jess and I returned to co-teach. At 8 we arrived and jumped right in to teaching with a review of the Let’s Go 3! (The workbook that the first class recently finished). We went through a few pages of the book randomly and did creativity and imagination exercises as a makeshift test. The kids aced it and we finished class with a game of ‘Catch the word’ – the class splits into two groups as teachers write several words on the board. The teachers then shout a word and one person from each group needs to run and touch the word.

Then jess and I moved some kids to the library and sung some songs with the kids before reading a book. Then jess played some games with the kids and kept reading and I taught guitar to some of the eager kids. Afterwards we had lunch and resumed our position of best builders with the rest of the crew 🙂


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