Waterfall and Circus

Sup homies!!!!

Hope you’re all doing bloody fantastic. Here’s a snapshot of all the wonderful things we got up to today, it was a massive sesh.

Today was our holiday to a local waterfall for the whole day. We begun the day at 8am and arrived home at 4pm. The mountain is known as Kulen (lychee) Mountain, it is a holy mountain because this mountain was built when  Buddhists were really powerful, people lived in peace, and the country developed. Then people built the reclining Buddha statue on the sandstone on the top of the mountain in 1558 for worship. This mountain is formed of sandstone and we can see that some parts are missing because they were reappropriated  to build the temple like Angkor Wat and other temples. This sandstone was transported via boats, and pulled by elephant.

People named Kulen meaning is  lychee, Luther of mountain. We first visited the big statue of Buddha then lunch, when we finished we went to swiming at the waterfall wow, it was really cool the water is freezing. The waterfall is enclosed in a beautiful little cove surrounded by a sense tropical jungle, featuring multiple rocks to jump off into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall

We returned at 4pm and some of the volunteers went shopping to make some final purchases for the week in isolation at the elephant sanctuary. Then we ventured out for dinner at 6 where we surprised one of the volunteers, Bernadette, with a birthday cake and song. Dinner finished at 7:30pm, after which we went to see the circus which was an acrobatic storytelling of one woman’s life in Cambodia during the Khmer rouge and all the horrible consequences of such a civil war. The story detailed the woman’s life from her early life with her brothers,  through the deaths of all of them under the Khmer rouge, ending with her receiving a teaching diploma and helping steer the next generation or Cambodians to achieve their dreams. The shoe was performed using a variety of acrobatic performances ( loads of flips and unbelievable acts of balance and strength) and soulful dancing telling the story of a life riddled with tragedy. That’s all folks, hoped you enjoyed this update, it was easily the best because Josh edited it and he’s an absolute top bloke.

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