Waterfall and circus

Hi everyone! It’s Emily here! Today was a really exciting day! Since it is the weekend, we had the day off from working and a group of us got to go to see the beautiful waterfall at Kulan Mountain. We arrived and got to tour the highest part of the mountain where there was a Buddha that had been carved into the stone! That was awesome! We then got to go see the actual waterfalls and they were beautiful! The water was a little bit cold but once we got swimming, it was incredibly fun! We even got a little bit daring and some of us started climbing the rocks and jumping off! After we were done swimming we ate lunch at the mountain and then headed back to Siem Reap. Once we got back, we joined with the rest of the group and we headed to dinner. After dinner we got to ride a Tuk Tuk to the circus and we saw an awesome show. The performers were so talented and very engaging! We all loved the show! Then we headed home from the circus and are preparing for another fun day tomorrow!