Hi lovely, so Today is our free day from 5he project. But some some of our volunteers have did the add on for waterfall then I took them to see the waterfall. We left at 8:30am then we we took 2 hours to get the mountains. First we go to see the hug of Buddha’s food print which was built in the 802 AD. While Budhist religion have more power.
Then we finished visiting the big Buddha then we went to see the waterfall which was about 10minutes away. The waterfall was awesome it was freezing for me the water is really cold.

This picture was a because it was… By wind. We finished swimming about 40 minutes then we had a great lunch there. We arrived from the waterfall about 3:30pm then some people went to have a nap.
Before dinner went to see the local carnival. We got on the swing.

Then we did pop the balloon game it was so fun.

Pop one baloon get one gift. Then went to ride in the bumper car, it was really fun. It is one of my favorite ride.

Thats for today have a good night.