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Greetings folks! We come to you from a land far far away, from Siem Reap, Cambodia, as your guest writers: Jane, Tehliah, Evie, and Georgia. Today was our big day of finishing the final structure of the house.

It started like any other good day, with a tasty egg sandwich and a side of coffee for those of us who need a little extra morning boost. This was followed by a bumpy case of our daily tuk tuk ride. We were greeted at the entrance of the village by our two best friends, Emmy and Lucky (the village dogs).

We began our morning at the village by splitting into three groups and began painting the empty canvas of our houses frame. One group was assigned to the front of the house, another to the sides and the last group to the back of the house, and we all worked together on the grass roof. Like monkeys, we swung from the houses rafters to secure the roofs grass ceiling to the bamboo frame. We worked hard until our pre lunch trip to a local shop to delight in the taste of a fresh iced Milo.

Lunch today consisted of a beautiful mixture of stir-fried veggies, pumpkin, soup and of course our favorite…..RICE! Each house, like usual, was greeted by a student offering colorful platters of fresh fruit. Each platter consisted of tasty oranges, luscious watermelon and sweet bananas. This lunch was especially festive because it was the last lunch the group would spend with their houses that have now become homes.

We then continued on our quest to complete the house by sundown. The last stretch consisted of collectively assembling the walls and floorboards, one nail at a time. We began the day with hammering and sawing skills comparative to Padowon learners and skyrocketed to Jedi masters by sunset!

After Selena hammered the last nail, the traditional house-warming celebrations began. We blessed the house by dancing and singing to local musician’s songs while circling the house three times. The group of party animals took the wild fiesta inside of our masterpiece and continued the fun.

When this was through we proceeded to autograph our beautiful construction on the stone pillars that were the foundation. The night grooved on into the schoolyard for more surprises brought to us by the local community. At the end of the night we all got to gather in a circle and give thanks and talk about our experience the past week. Finally we joined hands together and sang “Imagine” by John Lennon. It was truly a touching moment for each of us as we all realized that happiness is universal.

We sit here now; sipping on fresh coconut water from the students with our hearts filled with love and pride. We started the week with a blank plot of land and by Friday sunset we had created a home to be used for generations to come. We could have never anticipated or imagine the sense of reward and fulfillment we experienced from seeing the student’s and villager’s smiles and gratitude. We may be covered in scratches, bruises and sunburn, but the pain will fade and the memories and friendships will last a lifetime. We thank all those back home who have supported our missions and journeys, we couldn’t have down it without you.

But before we sign out, there is one more thing we need to say. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank John and Kate. You both have continued to motivate, inspire and entertain us even through the hardest times. You are both amazing people with beautiful, caring souls.

Now we leave you with a riddle to keep you puzzled and entertained until future posts:

Romeo and Juliet are found dead in an apartment. They are lying dead on the floor surrounded by water and glass. What is the cause of their death?

Peace Out.


Love from your guest bloggers/riddle masters

Jane, Tehliah, Evie and Georgia






Group 1


Group 2


Group 3









House warming celebration!


Local kids presenting house with sleeping material


Bringing the dance party inside!!

IMG_3069 IMG_3071



Celebration party in the evening



Local girls getting ready to perform traditional dances


All the groups talking about their experience

IMG_3092 IMG_3094

IMG_3099 IMG_3101 IMG_3105


Update from volunteers doing teaching program:


Lillian: I have two groups of year 3 and 6 students. Today I did mathematics with my students. I focused on mathematical language using the Australian Curriculum as a guide for ideas. In my grade three classes we looked at a number line 1-10 and wrote numerals. The students had to break down the numbers to be able to spell them, repeat saying them and where to place them on the number line. Then wrote out addition equations for students to copy and read out. I did all of this with my morning year 6 class, which they did really quickly so I showed them synonyms for addition which they loved and created sentences and equations.

My afternoon year 6 class was very strange because I started with only one student for the first half hour. Instead of mathematics I taught her the words to Hokey Pokey which we started doing yesterday. We only did the right hand in/out but she got very good at it. When the other students finally arrived we played games.

Every day so far this first week has been a blast. Getting into the groove of teaching again is exciting especially because I’m creating my own lessons and goals to achieve.


Lillian’s class



Hello fellow readers my name is Jess, I’m 22 and from Melbourne; Australia. I am currently studying to be a Phys Ed teacher at Victorian University. At SHCC I have been given the opportunity to teach two subjects; Sport and English. In the morning I teach grade 3-6 students sport, with help from Trattry the schools sport teacher. Today’s lesson we focused on soccer. Firstly we played a warm up game, then did some stretches. I taught the students some new ball handling drills and last but not least we played a mini game.

My next class is grade 6 English. Today’s lesson focused on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Students were ask to complete work sheets involving these three sections and peer assess each others work.
In the afternoon i taught grade 3 English. Today we focused on the letter A. What sound it makes, how to write the letter A. We went through some words that have the letter A in them and also drew a picture of something that starts with the letter A.

The students at SHCC are egar to learn and very enthusiastic. I am thrilled to be here and am having a ball teaching.

Until next time – Jess


Jess and her sport class


Adele, Georgie, Emily, Kame





Kame, Georgie



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