We finished the house!!!

We finished the house!!!

Today was such a whirlwind of hammering, heavy lifting, and laughter!

We started off the morning like this:
Anthony, Sydney, Richard, Sam, Monique, Azim,  Amy and Lisa work on both he walls and the new staircase!
Lauren, Amy, Rachel and Azim work on the walls!

Sam poses high up in the house!
Monique and Polly get hammer crazy!IMG_1553
Sam and Anthony hang around waiting for more nails!IMG_1554
Lisa, Beth and Amy are consumed in their work!IMG_1564
Polly Lauren and Samantha pose through the semi finished house!IMG_1567
A wide shot of the happenings on the interior of the houseIMG_1571
Esther being fabulous as always!IMG_1573
Richard, Sam and Sydney monkeying around!

Amy and Polly saw hard to complete the first deck! IMG_1587
Beth, Esther and Azim work on the bedroom wall!






IMG_1591 IMG_1600
A picture of the family post hand over ceremony.
Dancing at the school!

Sorry for the grainy photo – it was tough to catch this happy moment, but I think it is conveyed well! The whole family, the volunteers, the builders, and the students all come together for a magical moment when the house is finished!IMG_1617
Dinner party at the school while we watched the students perform traditional Khmer dancing.

Our group ploughed through nailing the walls, the floor boards, the staircase, cutting in around the windows and doors and finished the bedroom!
We had a tearful hand over of the house to Sam-an, Sam, his two younger brothers and sister, and their mother. We then played bongos, Cambodia violin, and danced around the house!

In the evening we headed back to the school and had dinner and celebrated with the students. We watched the dance students perform traditional Cambodian Apsara dancing, traditional Beyonce and One Direction dances (haha) and then joined in for a big dance party. It was so much fun and terribly sad to leave!

Before we finish off the blog some of the volunteers wanted to mention the highlight of their day:
Watching Sam-an (one of the sons living in the house we built) hit the last nail into his new home was surreal. A moment I’ll never forget. – Richard
At the end of the evening we all joined hands and envisaged that we were all one community, one country; and sang along to Imagine by John Lennon. – Lauren
Seeing the looks and tears being shared by the family and the volunteers when the house was complete. It was a moving experience to hand over a home to people who need it most. – Samantha G

We were lucky that we were able to represent the last two groups of volunteers when we handed the completed house over. Over the past 3 weeks, volunteers have all done their piece to complete the project. A team effort makes miracles happen. – Sydney

Seeing the smiles on the faces of all of the kids at the school – and of course because they danced to my favourite One Direction song. – Anthony

I loved the party at the end, dancing, sharing food, watching the students perform traditional Cambodian dances and sharing a special moment was definitely the highlight of my day. – Samantha D

If you’d like to continue the fantastic work that our volunteers complete on an ROV program, become one of us and volunteer soon. We need more people, more aid, and more hands to continue to make long lasting change.
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Farewell and Bon Voyage for now!


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