Official welcome to Cambodia

Everyone is officially here safe and sound and in one piece! Even though everyone traveled so long, they were all in great spirits and happy to explore the city. The groups who arrived yesterday got a chance to visit some amazing floating villages outside of Siem Reap. All the houses are on stilts and in the middle of a river where the people use boats to get around during the wet season instead of walking/driving. It is certainly a unique sight to see and were very glad they chose to go.

I spent my time today shuttling everyone from the airport and after three rounds, we were able to wrangle all 25 of them up at last!  It is very true! I can already tell that everyone will become great friends after this adventure. DSC05372

Those who arrived earlier in the day went on a walking tour around the city where Mr. Bun taught us a lot of history and cultural aspects of Cambodia. We even visited a Buddhist temple and were blessed by Cambodian Monks. They say when blessed and when everyone touches one another, we become a family. DSC05374 DSC05377


After dinner, the group got a chance to experience the excitement of the night markets where you can buy anything under the sun. A few of us even went to get Khmer massages for 5 dollars. After that flight in, it was so relaxing to get a whole hour massage! Tomorrow everyone will start the project in the village and meet everyone involved at the school.