We love puppies!

We received so much puppy love today! There are a few puppies living at the school that are the sweetest. We get to cuddle them and play with them in between water breaks while we’re working. A definite added plus to working at this school!

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We continued adding dirt to the foundation around the house, as well as putting up the framing for the porch of the house. This was quite interesting to see how the locals did this. Much different from how they build houses back home in Western culture! Kaio and Sopan’s younger brother Sopara, spent a large chunk of the afternoon high up on the roof tying the straw thatching to the bamboo framing. Sopara happens to be one of the school boys who will benefit from this house once it is completed! It’s so great getting to work alongside the people these projects are intended for 🙂

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Just before lunch, Sopan gave us a short history lesson on Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s Regime, as well as politics in Cambodia today. We learned quite a lot, and were grateful to hear personal stories from Sopan’s childhood and parents experience.

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After a tasty lunch outside with our hosts, we got back to work on the house, and teaching english to the children in the classrooms. We arrived back at the hotel for a quick shower, then headed out to visit one of the local Buddhist temples, Wat Preah Prom Rath. It was absolutely beautiful there. We walked around for about half an hour taking photos and lighting incense for Buddha. We even got to see where some of the Monks live.

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We then headed for dinner where a few volunteers decided to try some local delicacies. Fried squid and fried Frogs! Here you can see Fergus isn’t too impressed with Daniel’s dinner decision, although Daniel said it was quite delicious! After dinner, it was free time. Everyone roamed the markets, got $2 foot massages, or indulged in the oh-so-tastey banana nutella pancake. Upon our arrival back to the hotel, Courtney, Alex and I were greeted by the cutest little black fluff ball owned by the hotel manager. What a great way to end the night! Puppy love

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